On The Trail 2021

Usually at this time of year, the Quorn Churches Holiday Club team are getting ready for a full week of fun as part of our Holiday Club.
This year we will not be able to do this, but instead we are arranging some other activities.

Four Weekly trails

Starting on Monday 19th July, each week there will be a trail around part of Quorn for you to follow and pick up clues. We have produced a sheet for you to collect your answers on. You can download and print it from here.
As you go round the trail, the clue for the next station will be a short video by one of our Holiday Club team that you will be able to access by scanning a QR Code on a phone. The video clue to the first station for each week will be available lower down this page from the Saturday before the trail starts on the Monday.
If you can't access QR Codes as you go round the village, then you will be able to print out the clues before you set off! They will also appear when we put the first video up on the Saturday before the trail starts.
If you don't have a printer, then please email us on quornchurchesholidayclub@gmail.com to let us know and we will be happy to drop round to you printed copies of either an answer sheet or a printed list of the clues, or both.
When you have finished each trail and solved the puzzle it would be great if you could drop us an e-mail to let us know what answer you got. Please e-mail quornchurchesholidayclub@gmail.com
If you miss a week, because you are away, don't worry - we'll make the answers available after the week has finished, so you won't miss out.

Family Fun in the Park

After all the trails have finished, we will round it all off with some activities in Stafford Orchard on Sunday 15th August from 3-5pm. For more details have a look here. If you bring your Trail answer sheet along to that we will give you a certificate of completion!

Trail Details

This is where we will put the first clue each Saturday for the trail that will start the following Monday.
There is also a map below and here that shows that parts of the village where the trail will be each week.
Week 1: Monday 19th - Sunday 25th July
If you missed the week 1 trail, here are the letters you would have found.
Week 2: Monday 26th July - Sunday 1st August
If you missed the week 2 trail, here are the letters you would have found.
Week 3: Monday 2nd  - Sunday 8th August
If you missed the week 3 trail, here are the letters you would have found.
Week 4: Monday 9th - Sunday 15th August
The Video clue to the start of this trail is here and a printed copy of the clues is available here.
You may also find it helpful to have a link to the Google Street Map of the area: Click here if you would like that.