Update of current COVID Approach at QBC - May 2022:

This is just a reminder about our church’s approach towards COVID protocols. As we know, some time ago, the Government ended all specific restrictions and protocols in England regarding COVID. However, the Omicron variant, although less severe, is still active. The deacons acknowledge that there are different perspectives and opinions regarding how we should respond. We are therefore taking a ‘light-touch’ approach. We will continue with our ventilation strategy for main services, adapting what is done for smaller gatherings.

We are retaining the balcony as an area where people are asked to continue to wear face coverings and maintain social distances. However, when the church is full, we will prioritise the right-hand side of the balcony as a face covering/social distancing area, so that the left and centre can be used as an overflow from downstairs. Other than that, we are looking to each person to be considerate to each other – recognising that some who are more vulnerable will be in the main church building, we expect that some will still choose to wear face coverings as they enter and leave the service and when they move around.

Those who choose to join us for refreshments in the hall after the service are assumed to be less vulnerable and therefore, we expect that they will not wear face coverings. We expect that most people will not wear face coverings when they leave the church after refreshments.

Please continue to bear with one another in love and not give the devil a foothold (Ephesians 4:2 & 27).

Notice dated 20th July 2021 - Government lifting of COVID regulations:

What to expect at Quorn Baptist Church - Principles 
For considerably more than a year now our church services have been very different to how they used to be. We’ve been through different phases according to the lockdown phases of pandemic: pre-recorded video church; meeting in person with masks, social distancing and no singing; livestreamed services in second lockdown; and back to church again. Over the last few months as we have reacted to changing situations we have relaxed our policies: less stewarding; reduced distance between households; less physical notices in church.
The vaccination roll-out is making very significant reductions in the serious outcomes of COVID, however, the current relaxations country-wide are inevitably going to increase the number of cases. Therefore, we are having to learn to live with COVID, in a similar way to how we live with the flu and other viruses.
The QBC leadership have sought to diligently apply the legal requirements – as you will be aware many requirements are not directly legal requirements, but trustees were given a legal responsibility to carry out a risk assessment relevant to the local situation and activity. This has demanded considerable time and mental energy sifting through government and Baptist guidance documents (usually multiple documents for different aspects). The ending of legal requirements concerning mask wearing, social distancing, and singing on 19th July does not bring an end to the legal requirement of trustees to assess risk and behave accordingly.
When the Government announced that an end to legal regulations concerning COVID was to take place there were probably two main reactions (and many in between): Some think, “Good, let’s get everything back to normal as soon as possible.” Whilst others may still be concerned because of underlying health issues, a cautious personality or possibilities of themselves being asymptomatic carriers through their jobs or family relationships. What then do we do in church?
First of all, a reminder that whilst our hope and trust is in the Lord, we do not put the Lord to the test by careless behaviour. Secondly, I believe the instruction Paul gives to the Romans in chapters 14 and 15 is relevant: though some had differences of opinion over eating meat sacrificed to idols and over holy days, they were not to look down on others who they felt had weak faith, or different opinions, but to “bear with others” and “not please ourselves” (Romans 15:1). Therefore, I hope that our response to each other at this time will be marked with consideration and respect for one another because of our love for the Lord and for each other in the Lord. We are not implying that any particular ‘position’ regarding COVID demonstrates weak faith.
Our approach as a church leadership team is to facilitate those of differing opinions to gather together for worship and other activities. Initially this will be a hybrid and stepped approach.

Full details on how we are planning to progress are here

Notice dated 9th January 2021:

Notice dated 5th November 2020:

Dear All
Here we are with a second lockdown, so after nearly 3 months of the building being open again for worship on Sunday morning we are for a few weeks unable to physically gather for worship. However, as we've said before, it's a case of "closed, but not closed".
Having pre-recorded services in the first lockdown we decided that when the building re-opened we wanted to have something online available to those who were not able to gather in person because of shielding, etc. Therefore we have been making services available in several ways:
  • By attendance at church
  • Online as they happen through Zoom / Youtube ~ via a link on the website.
  • On phone as they happen, through Zoom
  • Afterwards on Youtube (link on website)
  • Afterwards on audio CD
Apart from the first one, these will all continue in this lockdown. A few of us, probably 3 or 4, will be at church on Sunday morning to stream and record the service. We'd like to encourage everyone to watch the service at 10.30 if you can, and there will be an after church chat on Zoom afterwards as well.
If you've been using the livestream already you may have realised that if you need to do something (get a glass of water, help a child with Sunday Club material, etc) you can pause the stream and then resume when you're ready (you won't miss anything, just drop a little behind "realtime").
For the time being our service themes and Sunday Club themes are tied together, so in families you will be considering the same things. In the chat on Zoom after the service we hope that some of the children will be able to share some of their activities.
Away from Sunday Services, let me thank you all again for keeping in touch with each other and offering support where you can. Let's continue to love each other in this way. As well as the Sunday morning Zoom chat, we've just started a "Coffee Time" chat on a Thursday morning.
If you have any difficulties with accessing the services or the Zoom chats please do let me know.
God bless
Ian Smith
Quorn Baptist Church

Notice dated 11th August 2020 - Church open for worship on Sundays:

Since August 9th 2020 QBC has been open for services on Sunday. The service is also streamed live (link on the home page). Please read the following documents for information:
Photos from our service on Sunday 9th August can be seen here.

Notice dated 17th March 2020:

Following the Government’s announcements on 16th and 17th March 2020, the Baptist Union have updated their advice to churches this morning, as below:

Church services and activities: practical advice
The advice is now that people should avoid meeting together wherever possible and this will have an impact on meeting on Sunday and at other times during the week.
Sunday services should not now take place and the move to online meetings, wherever possible, will need to be developed.

As a result all official gatherings, at church, or at people’s houses are being cancelled until further notice.
This will affect such gatherings as Sunday services, Look Out Groups, prayer meetings, First Steps, Coffee Mornings, Kids’ Club etc

Email from Ian Smith dated 17th March 2020:

Dear friends
I'm sure you will all have been following the development of the corona virus situation and the ever changing guidance from Government. Following yesterday's statements the Baptist Union issued new guidance this morning advising us to suspend all meetings. At QBC we are following this advice and therefore there will be no gatherings at church and no official gatherings of church elsewhere (e.g. the Look Out Groups).

The scriptures call us to trust in the Lord and also offer His protection. However there is also human responsibility which we merge with our trust in God – we follow best advice and we trust in the Lord. Psalm 91 is full of those comforting words of protection (Surely He will save you…from the deadly pestilence… You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday… For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.) The latter words may actually be more familiar to us from the gospel accounts where the Devil tempts Jesus to presume upon His Father’s protection by throwing himself off the temple. However Jesus replies, it is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.
Let our hearts not be filled with anxiety at this time, but with the Lord's peace. Pray that our trust in Him may be a comfort and an encouragement to others.

At this time what can you do?
  • Please follow Government advice on hygiene and reducing social contact to minimise the spread of disease.
  • Please look out for each other in the fellowship of church, and for family, friends, and neighbours. You may be able to offer your help in one of the informal networks that are springing up.
  • If you can offer help to others, or if you are in need of help please contact Alison Shipway (560928) or the church office (621106) and we will coordinate things.
  • Keep in prayer for the Government, advisers, medical services, essential services, those affected by the disease, etc.
We are planning how to do church in an online kind of way. Looking at how we can live stream or pre-record a mini-service each week. More on this later.